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For container assistance and customer support, contact us here: https://pachesapeake.com/content/supportrequest

Trucker is responsible for container arrival for vessel cut off

Any export hazardous load received at Seagirt Marine Terminal must have the hazmat documents submitted electronically to hazmats@portsamerica.com prior to arrival. Please include the container number in the subject line. If the documents are not received, the load will be rejected at the gate.

Drivers: When removing zip ties at the inbound lanes, please dispose of the ties in the trashcans under the inbound canopy. Failure to do so will result in a one day ban. Thank you for your help in protecting the environment.

When pre-advising a dual move, select both the IN move type and OUT move type in Step 1. This will connect the two moves as one visit. If the moves are created as single and should be dual the PINs will not work at the gate, but can be paired/unpaired in the edit screen before the driver arrives.

Seagirt Marine Terminal and Ports America Chesapeake operations at Dundalk Marine Terminal will be closed on Good Friday, April 7, 2023. The ICTF will be open normal hours. 

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