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Welcome to Seagirt Marine Terminal

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For terminal support, contact us here: https://pachesapeake.com/content/supportrequest

Chassis Pool Availability Updates are now Online

TRAC Metro: https://inventory.tracintermodal.com/metro  DCLI:https://dcli.com/regional-information/northeast/   Milestone: https://www.milecorp.com/chassis-finder/ 

Any export hazardous load received at Seagirt Marine Terminal must have the hazmat documents submitted electronically to hazmats@portsamerica.com prior to arrival. Please include the container number in the subject line. If the documents are not received, the load will be rejected at the gate.

Drivers: When removing zip ties at the inbound lanes, please dispose of the ties in the trashcans under the inbound canopy. Failure to do so will result in a one day ban. Thank you for your help in protecting the environment.

Attention Motor Carriers: Effective February 28, 2022, Seagirt Marine Terminal will implement a paperless procedure at outbound. All transactions will be handled as they are today, with the following exceptions:

• The completed interchange ticket will not be printed out. It will be transmitted to the company email address(es) on file in the TOS Web Portal when the driver arrives at the outbound pedestal.

• The traffic lights will be utilized at the outbound lanes. A green light means the driver is cleared to exit and the ticket has been successfully emailed. A red light means “Trouble, Do Not Proceed”. The driver should press the call button for clerk intervention.

Please ensure your email address(es) and SCAC code are up to date in your TOS Web Portal account.

Below are the steps to turn on Gate Notifications:
1. Log in to/create your TOS Web Portal Account at http://seagirt.pachesapeake.com
2. Go to My Account -> Preferences
3. Select the Gate events for which you want to be notified
4. Enter your SCAC (all upper case)
5. Save

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User Instructions

Please create a user login account to access TOS Web Portal.

  • The user is required to have a User Name and Password to access system
  • Select the Sign-Up link on the login page
  • To request a new account user must enter required fields as indicated by *
  • The user is required to enter Login Name, Contact and Company Information and Password
  • Company information requires the user to select the business type and enter the company name
  • After entering all required fields system will enable the Register button allowing the user to submit a request for a new account
  • All new account requests will be automatically approved
  • The user will receive an email confirmation when the account has been confirmed
  • From the login page enter User Name and Password and select Log On button