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Welcome to Seagirt Marine Terminal

Priority Daily Message  

For container assistance and customer support, contact us here: https://pachesapeake.com/content/supportrequest

Trucker is responsible for container arrival for vessel cut off

Drivers: When removing zip ties at the inbound lanes, please dispose of the ties in the trashcans under the inbound canopy. Failure to do so will result in a one day ban. Thank you for your help in protecting the environment.

Hazardous Booking documents must be uploaded in the TOS Web Portal:

1. Log in

2. Hover over Reports tab

3. Click on Upload Hazardous

4. Enter Booking Number, Container Number, and upload .pdf file

The Seagirt main gate will be extended to 5:30 PM on Wednesday, December 6th. No exports or reefers during extended hours

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